Alice Corner Lounge Suite


  • Ample Seating: Offers generous seating space, making it ideal for gatherings and creating a cozy atmosphere in your living room.
  • Neutral Grey Elegance: Upholstered in a timeless grey, this lounge suite exudes an elegant and neutral aesthetic, seamlessly fitting into different interior styles.
  • Contemporary Design: Crafted with a modern design, the Alice Corner Lounge Suite serves as a stylish centerpiece, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your home.
  • Comfortable and Inviting: Whether hosting guests or relaxing with your family, the Alice Corner Lounge Suite provides a comfortable and inviting space for various occasions.
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Introducing the Alice Corner Lounge Suite in Grey, a sophisticated and versatile seating solution designed to elevate your living space. This lounge suite combines modern aesthetics with comfort, creating a chic centerpiece for your home.

The Alice Corner Lounge Suite is carefully crafted with attention to detail, providing ample seating for family and friends. The grey upholstery exudes a timeless and neutral elegance, making it easy to integrate into various interior styles.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening, the Alice Corner Lounge Suite offers a perfect balance of style and comfort. Make a statement in your living room with this contemporary and inviting piece of furniture.

Care Instructions: Dust and dirt causes fabric to soil. It can also provide an ideal substrate for mold and mildew to develop, so to prevent this from happening, and to lessen those dark, greasy marks, brush your couch with a soft fabric brush and carefully vacuum the fabric at least once weekly. Set the vacuum to low, and vacuum left to right in short, overlapping strokes. Remove cushions so that you can vacuum dirt out of all the cracks and crevices. To help cushions wear evenly, swap their positions weekly.

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